CLIENT Franz Harary Production & New Zealand Business Council Limited

RESPONSIBILITY Creating Concept design working with Franz Harary as the creative director, then creating 100% SD package coordinating show technical and local architect.


LOCATION Zhenjiang China

STATUS SD Package is completed in March 2017.   Under Construction now 

TEAM Franz Harary Creative Director, Sevak Petrosian Production Architect, Naomi Scully Project Architect, Kamil Koss Project artist 


The project is a 2500 seat theater with a Mix water animal show with Magic and Acrobats. The show involves special effects, large size Led screens, moving platforms and magic props engaging Dolphins, Beluga Whale and Sea Lion. This is where animals are taken care of the best through the design of the show and doing magic they appear smarter than the guest. This is a unique show that is going to create lots of wow and laughter.