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experience design

Experience design is a culmination of complex set of disciplines that come together in an architectural setting to create a seamless visitor experience that is emotionally connected, and story driven. The preliminary concept, or “mental canvas”, is the birthing stage of experience design.  We evolve from Concept to Design development and coordinate set design, Architectural code requirements as well as show technologies and operation through the design and production of documentation process.  Whether it’s a dark ride or experiential museum or 4D specialty theatre, we lead the project where it can be guaranteed handout to the local architect and the show production.

At this early stage, we outline the basic assumptions for the projected feasibility for sizing. NDI will carefully consider and respond to code requirements as planning the experience to reflect the story.


 In the process, we define program lists to organize and set up the fundamental or volumetric massing, to explain the dimensional proportion of every experience.   NDI creates concept diagrams to illustrate the organizational relationships of show technologies and guest experience from cinematic point of view  

This approach introduces a given narrative to an environment and as a result allows adaptation of the story with regard to the site conditions, opportunities, and show experiential and construction technology. Our project approach stresses a harmony between planning and a highly collaborative process with participation by both the client and the strategic partners. We generate the most efficient process possible for the given project working seamlessly with all disciplines to help create some of most memorable experiences around the world.

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