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manila indoor theme park


SCOPE Concept Design and Master Planning  

PROJECT Indoor Theme Park

LOCATION Manilla, Philippines

SUMMARY The project is a cutting-edge multi-level indoor theme park and water park designed to take its visitors through an immersive journey, allowing them to trek through a wide array of unique worlds. Each environment beautifully encapsulates environments from some of the most iconic Hollywood films, allowing guests to explore in a whole new way their favorite worlds only previously experienced on screen. Inside these lands, visitors will encounter Roller Coasters, Dark Rides, 5D Theaters, and many more high-tech experiences.  An enormous Indoor Waterpark flanks these worlds and immerses visitors with a vast and surreal tropical experience. Featuring a class-leading system of thrilling water rides, dramatic wave-pools, crisp jungle coves, immense waterfalls, a serene tropical beach bathed in sunlight, and a mighty erupting volcano.

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