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K20 Indoor Theme Park

CLIENT LA Design Associates

SCOPE Concept Design and Master Planning  

PROJECT Indoor Theme Park

LOCATION Yokohama, Japan

SUMMARY Located on an iconic port looking over the bay of Yokohama, the K20 Indoor Theme Park provides guests with a world-class entertainment center combining Japan’s favorite forms of entertainment into a multi-level megabuilding. K20’s design harkens back to the site’s former Cruise Ship docking area, with its form and function partially resembling a gargantuan futuristic cruise-ship. Inside K20, visitors can experience a plethora of rides, shows, 5D theaters, walkthroughs, observation decks, retail, dining, a VR coaster, and even the world’s largest glass aquarium. The project is designed to create seamless guest experience even as a large, multi-level, and complex building as this.

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