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experience Architecture

The Nextep team of creative individuals is dedicated to finding solutions to practical problems facing our earth based on the principle of biogenic experiential architecture design. Biogenic is defined as the harmony of natural forces integrated beyond equilibrium into a generative whole.


Our method uses a process that defines and integrate facts, parameters, innovative earth friendly solutions, and a team of multidisciplinary consultants toward your future Architecture Project. This approach considers hard facts, such as existing conditions and code requirements, and then develops upon the moving set of parameters, including context and story for the project. We collaborate with creative directors, scientists, technological systems engineers, as well as sustainable solutions experts and structural engineers to maintain a cohesive approach to Experiential Architectural Solutions. We assemble these detailed solutions to create and architecture that is both human-centric and environmentally conscious.

Nextep Design’s approach to experiential architecture maintains a commitment to artistic integrity that makes use of contextual resources, material compositions, and technology to influence the design. No building will be the same just as no client is the same, however, any building designed by Nextep will take your goals and the heart of the earth into account to inspire.

We apply Biogenic Architecture because we hold the belief that if Architecture fails to uplift the human spirit, then it is just a building.

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