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jurrasic park

CLIENT Thinkwell Design and Production

SCOPE Conceptual Designer

PROJECT Walk Through Tour

LOCATION Tokyo, Japan Touring

SUMMARY The Jurassic Park Institute Tour makes effective use of a well-known brand in an “edutainment” context, adds in excellent design and concept, and raises the bar of dramatic/experiential presentation far beyond what is normally seen in a museum or most theme parks. Additionally this exhibit is all the more impressive because it was achieved in a temporary, moveable facility. The Jurassic Park Institute Tour is a touring exhibit of over 50, 000 square feet that combines life-size animatronic dinosaurs, live performers, multimedia, and environmental settings. These locations-ranging from jungle to laboratory-present a totally immersive “edutainment” experience that leverages public interest in the Jurassic Park brand to engage and educate visitors.

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