Executive Producer & Chief Technical Director

Shawn joined Nextep team to direct innovative technologies. Shwan bring a wealth of experience and knowledge adding a new capability to Nextep team.


Shawn Barrett started his entertainment career in England from the ground up working on motion picture film sets as a runner, lighting and cable grip, and production assistant on films such as 20th Century Fox’s Robin Hood, Chariots of Fire, Reds, Galvin and the Green Knight and several TV series for Dr Who. He moved to Hollywood and started working at Disney Imagineering as a lighting apprentice in lighting and special effects on the EPCOT Center and Disney parks. He complimented his entertainment career by studying business management, and with a profession that spans 38 years, he has held positions as executive producer, strategic marketing analyst and creative technical director on hundreds of productions  spearheading multidisciplinary entertainment solutions and presenting  patented technologies for fortune 500 companies, government tourism boards, location-based entertainment, and theme parks, including parks for Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal Studios and Disney. He was technical creative director of the 180,000 sq ft Dubailand corporate experience center, considered the main catalyst for Dubai’s entertainment investments. He consulted for more than 15 years on many of the large multimedia sales offices across the MENA territories for the Dubai government and Dubai World. The interiors of these luxury sales offices were design by John Carolan of KCA, the designer of the Burj Al Arab, and Dubai Metro.  The sales offices were used to attract vast investments to the emirates.


Shawn’s knowledge in immersive show media started in 1985 while collaborating with Louie Schwartzberg, pioneer and award-winning director of time-lapse cinematography, and Ivan Dryer, visionary godfather, and inventor of lasers projection in entertainment. In 1998, Shawn won the Innovation Award from the European Office of Innovative Enterprises for a Virtual FX Theater, a multisensory domed theatre supporting 3D, mixed media content and special laser technology. In 2013, he returned to Los Angeles to research the next gen of immersive technology and the emergence of VR / AR / XR and volumetric and light field cinema. In January 2020 he was contracted to be the CTO and project manager for Saudi Arabia’s $1.4BN entertainment festival in Jeddah and Riyadh. Since then, he has been involved in several world-class projects including designing the technical attractions applications for Nextep Designs E-Sports Dome, a location-based E-sports complex using AR, XR and Ai patented display technologies.