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Experience Architect


Sandybell Sanchez graduated from Sci-Arc, with a focus on Visual Studies, in 2016. Her specialty is in integrated 3D modeling and animation. 


She has talent in seeing how to represent complex ideas effectively and create design options. Sandy can connect elements of complex projects to create elegant solutions including circulation. Sandy has skills that go beyond the architecture office, lending itself to story-based design using Rhino, Maya and animation.  She is not limited by any single program and can create exceptional forms, rig them for robotics and animation, create physical models/prototypes and virtual reality environments


She enjoys collaborating with artists/designers in order to bring stories to life. She loves designing entertainment environments and has interest in production design and architecture.


Sandy is great at supplying and feeding the office with digital parts. Her talents allow the office to use motion based rendering for many digital applications and to work with the team to build 3D assets for visualization and media for the Nextep

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