Concept Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Construction Fabrication and Installation. 

At the onset of Concept, Nextep Design plays a heavy role along with the show director while the local project Architect provides all the code compliance requirements.  As the project moves through phases, we take on less and less of a role, while the Architect and Engineers take on greater engagement. We take on a preventative approach.  Each phase has sub-phases which are organized by 8 progress reports leading into a preliminary deadline and a final deadline.  Preliminary deadline is a first round draft and can take on any client and coordination comments toward the final deadline.

Our goals keep you and the earth in mind.  We create unique world class design for repeat visitors and cultural intelligence.  We bridge multidisciplinary communication barriers between Show Producer, Project Manager, Local Architect, Creative Main Concept Team, Facility Architecture, and ourselves.  We know how to turn your story based environmental destination design into a reality.

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