peter kim

Peter Kim has been part of the Nextep Design team developing projects in Korea since 2011. His role at Nextep has mainly been as a Creative Director and Representative, however, he has a dozen years of professional experience in the fields of Telecom, Cabling & System Integration.  From 1988 on for that timeframe, he worked for many companies such as Gaon Cable, Alcatel STR(Switzerland), RE(Denmark), and Sigong-Tech(Korea) as an engineer, technical sales manager, and/or project director.

Specially, he could bring experiences of installing Primary Distribution systems and Optical Telecomm systems for KT, LG, and KBS, etc. As a Chief Manager of the Special System Division, he could experience a lot of medium and large-scale projects of National Museums and Pavilions such as IT World during short times when he worked for Sigong-Tech.

​Visiting IAAPA in 1996 sparked a change In Peter’s career into the Theme park industry. Peter began to build abilities in Contents engineering and Technical attraction development, which allows for a unique solution. After Peter started working in Theme park business field, he established a good rapport with NDI and GGE with the 'BTB island' and the 'Bible Land Resort' projects between 2000 and 2010.

​His creative vision and knowledge of cutting-edge technologies while integrating the local culture, bring a unique approach to every project. Peter's forte lies in the creation of thought-provoking attractions with messages of nature. His insatiable curiosity and capability to finalize content engineering from concept to reality is a major factor in every project's success. Peter's main goal while working with Nextep is creating a unique themed experience with state-of-the-art technology and engineering.