Naomi graduated from Sci-Arc with her Master’s in Architecture in 2015 with a focus on program development, space planning, pedagogy, coding, concept design, architectural and geometric theory. She has a unique voice which dances between the creative and the pragmatic.


Naomi is one who grasps concepts quickly and can recognize the opportunities within the parameters, facts, and stories, transforming them into a holistic vision.  She aids in communicating geometric form to clients using diagrams or other various communication tools.  She is also able to analyze issues and present pragmatic or structural opportunities. This allows her to collect the various parts of a project together for greater coordinated efforts. 


Naomi's diverse mathematic and artistic background lends itself to spatial reasoning.  She has used this talent to postulate in the parallel fields of science and technology. She loves collaboration which drives innovation, world-building, and creative problem solving.


She has a personal artistic practice, which includes critical and collaborative roles like critic, author, editor, spatial arts, assistant producer, background artist, character and environmental design. No subject is too complex for Naomi to find a common narrative or thoughtful conversation and to pull the seemingly disparate pieces together into a feasible plan.  


Her dynamism lends itself to both the overall and the nuanced parts, as body, skeleton, and organs to make the character whole. Therefore, her role involves brand development; writing, communication tool making, book design, team building, overseeing overall connectivity of concept, strategic planning, storytelling experiences and sum magic.  While considering the projected growth of collective skills in the company, she also designs, manages, and develops ideas into the Nextep.