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Experience Architect


Coming from a more artistic and analog skillset, Miwa Espinoza graduated from Sci-Arc in 2015, with a focus on computational modeling and research based design.  Her upbringing created an exceptional foundation for Experience Design  where she is able to start at the drawing board, diagram the conditions, problem solve with parameters, and model them with enough flexibility for the concept to compound into greatness.


Her experience dances perfectly between art and architecture to render her useful for just about any geometric task.  She can be technical, analytic or visual and adds a delicate designer touch to push the design one step further.  With CAD, Rhino, Grass hopper Coding, Maya, Adobe Graphics, and Painting in her tool belt, she translates the parameters into dynamic and logical forms with a purpose for the guest experience.


She is an avid researcher, delving deeper into technology to advance the array of applications.  She aids in the manifestation of the greater vision with superb precision, both digitally and for processing into physical reality.


Miwa is an extremely talented designer; she is a great addition to the Nextep team. Her capabilities bring an ocean of possibilities to the team and she is very easy to work with. She works with precision, care and is able to surpass expectations.  Miwa is a resource of great capacity, quiet and reserved, but with deep insight if confronted with a question, her answers are sure to push any project forward.

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