The preliminary concept, or “mental canvas”, is the birthing stage of any architectural or production design.  Concept, therefore, is the first step to great design, and allows us at Nextep Design International (NDI) to envision your project as a profitable world-class destination. 

At this early stage, we outline the basic assumptions for the projected feasibility. NDI will carefully consider and respond to social and cultural factors unique to the project’s neighborhood.  In the process, we define program lists to organize and set up the fundamental or volumetric massing, to explain the dimensional proportion of parts.  NDI creates concept diagrams to illustrate the organizational relationships of these major program elements. 

This approach introduces a given narrative to an environment and as a result allows adaptation of the story with regard to the site conditions, opportunities, and future systems and other advances in show experiential and construction technology. Our project approach stresses a harmony between planning and a highly collaborative process with participation by both the client and our strategic partners. We communicate compliance issues as soon as possible by engaging the local architect of record about local jurisdictional codes. NDI will identify major architectural program elements around these considerations to define the scope of the overall design.

Once the overall vision and opportunities have been studied, we create a documented Conceptual Experience. The products in the Concept, or Experience phase, are relative to your needs. They most often include; Drawings and Sketches to illustrate the overall concept sufficiently, and other visual tools to define the basic programmatic parameters of the project. We work with any starting point to get you to the Nextep.