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Senior Graphic Designer


A visual artist and graphic designer who uses both traditional and digital media, Margarita Simonian enjoys combining her skills in unique ways to achieve powerful expressions in her work. She studied Illustration and Graphic Design at Pasadena Art Center College of Design graduating in 2000, and has an open creative attitude towards new ideas to enlighten shock and inspire through her art.


With solid knowledge of digital programs encompassing the Adobe Suit, combined with her personal interest in photography and illustration, Margarita fulfills essentials of a designer. Her strong typography and layout skills, including knowledge of image retouching and editing are an important asset to any entertainment company. Margarita’s fluid drawing and illustration skills which include extensive skills in art mediums such as oils and acrylics add motion and life to her digital work. Often needing to consider pressing deadlines, she is able to remain focused and passionate about the opportunity to present projects in a logical and legible manner.


She loves to discover creative people who are highly passionate in their chosen Art whether it is painting music or performance, Margarita loves to surround herself with the Arts and the respectful Artists!


At Nextep Margarita has created layouts of numerous presentations working on large-scale themed projects for the entertainment industry, including branding and merchandising for theme parks, resorts, ride and films. The demanding industry has pushed her to meet deadlines in record time while collaborating efficiently with large creative teams.

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