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Senior Experience Architect


Kamil graduated from Sci-Arc in 2015, with a master in Architecture. He focused his time on developing a human-centric pattern language to shape environments meant to support the needs, skills, and character traits of its inhabitants.


Kamil’s own creative interest in art and photography as well as technology and programming has driven him to learn and master the art of production design. He understands story, show technical and facility, and is able to perform and manage multi discipline projects in tight deadlines. Kamil brings a world of knowledge and experience in 3D modeling and rendering. His artistic background and talent adds a unique edge to rendering capabilities. 


Kamil has an intrinsic fascination with machines, their technology, and world-making.  He is always after learning how individual parts work in any given attraction and how they assemble together to make a greater experience.  His desire to familiarize himself with the entirety of project area lends him to pursue understanding in both the front end and the back end.


Kamil is a great team leader. Kamil understands projects complexity and team work required to achieve the goals. He respects the team, approaches the process with a sense of calmness. He shares and always looks for ways to be able to make the process friendlier. Kamil has an amazing drive to always seek the new and best way to make the project sing like a well-oiled machine. 

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