Jordan Hartman graduated from Sci-Arc in 2017, with a focus in immersive technology.  He has applied his education in the field of production, design, and immersive technology by creating new types of immersive experience for event productions.


Jordan is very fast learner and has passion for theme park and experiential design. He is very good with master planning and designing the big picture while taking into consideration the very small details. His has also started the VR program at Nextep. This gives the team capability of experiencing the design and making the right moves in the process. His vision integrates technology and concept design pushing the office toward the future, today.  His experience extends from BIM to VR to CAD to production design allowing for new types of cross platform integration.   


He has an intense love for music and all experience, travels often, and has insight into the future of experiential venues as well as considerations for the effectiveness of such. 


Jordan brings people together to make amazing things happen. He has a great eye for people and talent.  He can link very important members to the table and excels in coordination.  He is a true team comrade and is ready to take on any task that is there. His experience and unique approach adds transformative integration of innovative ways into the team’s collaboration.