Schematic Design establishes a general scope, and refines the concept design into a set of documents. It develops the project in greater detail.  This establishes a functional relationship between the components of the project and the demands of scale. Nextep Design International specializes in planning production elements within an experience and remains an essential component to a successful project.


Sometimes the constraints of a project will require alternative design solutions due to issues that arise between disciplines.  We continue to design in accordance to local codes and compliance through an ongoing relationship with the local Architect of record.  We coordinate Lighting, Special Effects, Audio Visual, etc. for efficiency in overall design.  At this point we can access an initial estimation for potential construction cost.

The SD package includes a Site Plan, Floor plan(s), Section(s), Elevations, Rendering(s) and other illustrative deliverables determined by the needs of your specific project.  The drawings are drawn in CAD with overall dimensions to orient your vision into a realistic approach.

The client will receive a package of drawings that sufficiently illustrates the first phase of detail from the designer’s vision.  This set of drawings is still considered a preliminary stage, not to be used for construction. Schematic design proves that we have the necessary space and budget needed to actualize the goals of the project and your experiential needs. Upon acceptance we can move into the Design Development phase to refine geometry, add details and pick materials and colors in the Nextep.


A new set of drawings will be made to create a Design Development package.  The DD package includes all drawings of the SD package taken to the next level of detail.  The package includes specifications for the size and requirements of the entire project with types of materials and structure including mechanical, electrical and show systems, integrated toward the construction of the project. The drawings are fully dimensioned and are true to the intent for construction in their geometry and character. As it progresses we will again review and adjust the budget as necessary.

The DD package requires collaboration between the show design and local Architect of Record, the structural, civil and mechanical engineers, as well as electric and plumbing.  Show design parties involved are Lighting, Special Effects, Audio Visual, animatronics, ride systems and more. We work with closely to establish a set of drawings that is ready to take the project into the next level. Meetings must be held to determine specific and detailed requirements of the show design and various components within the project.  We fit into the equation as the production architect whose duty it is to prevent any other architectural elements from interfering with the needs of your production or your guest experience.  For example, we will be sure from an early point that this space is not compromised and we have allocated a proper amount of volumetric area for all other disciplines as well as operation.  All of the collaborative information is included in this package.

Once the DD package is approved, we pass the responsibility to the Architect of Record and to draw up the Construction Documents, shop drawings and Contract the builders.  We usually continue art direction for the experiential design all the way through construction, installation and soft and grand opening.