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Eric simonis


Eric Simonis and Nextep have been collaborating since 2015; They have worked together on several projects such as the Changsha Mall and the Hotgo Theme Park in Fushun, China. Eric was responsible for all of the entertainment development and production. He adds a bit of excitement, innovation, dramaturgy, and emotion to the brand from the onset of the creative design process, streamlining the advancement of unique quality results expected at Nextep Design International. Eric brings a unique voice to any experience. 

​Eric Simonis’ philosophy for each new show is new talent. Finding a balance between tradition, experimentation, and the eternal pursuit of pushing human and technological boundaries; his creativity has served many shows and events. He brings thoughts to life by contributing great care into each detail featured on stage. As an accomplished composer and keyboard player, it is no wonder that music and emotion plays a vital role in his shows. 

With responsibilities in the international arena for shows such as The Circle, Dutch version of Andrew Lloyds Webber’s Cats, The Wizard of Oz, Kundalini, Double Dutch, City Racing, The Magic Within in Xian, Qinhuangdao Beach show, Magic Lantern Nanjing, City Racing Rotterdam, The Spirit of Tang, Peach Tree Changde, Time & Love show in Changsha shopping mall, Daydream Dance festival, Intents Dance festival in Khu, Eric’s vision and vast knowledge of operations and production can take your brand and showcase the qualities necessary for increased recognition and revenue.  

​While working with the Holland Casino Group, Eric developed strategic casino and event concepts. This experience led to his affiliation with the Franco Dragone Group, Paul Steelman Architects Las Vegas, and Lionel Ohayon from ICRAVE Architects New York.  They worked to created unique leisure and show concepts in Los Vegas, New York, and the Netherlands. Eric is a seasoned show designer with a background in visual arts and music composition. He is a rare show writer and director who can sketch, 3D model and design his envisioned concepts. His experience in stage design, show creation, parades, and immersive environments adds abundant show creativity to the Nextep team.

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