Sevak’s vision of futuristic ideas was the founding base of the Nextep Design International brand. The Nextep team of creative individuals are dedicated to finding solutions to practical problems facing our earth founded on the principle of biogenetic engineering and design.  Biogenetic engineering is defined as the harmony of different forces integrated beyond equilibrium into a generative whole. In other words, Nextep fulfills the maxim “the whole is more than the sum of the parts.”  Each of us participates in the spirit of excellence here at NDI Studio aiming to apply our individual strengths to each project.

Our method uses a process developed by Sevak to define and integrate facts, parameters, innovative earth friendly solutions, and a team of multidisciplinary consultants toward your future Architecture Project.  The approach takes into account facts, such as existing conditions, and then develops the moving set of parameters for the project with the client and context in mind.  When necessary, we can reach out to Artists, Scientists, Experiential designers, Controllers, and technological systems engineers, to maintain a cohesive approach to Architecture and Design Solutions.  The detailed solutions add up to make the building work as an environmental object. 

The parameters often include; Airfolow, Breathing Skin, Garden Technology and Layout, Tension/Shape inspired by bridges, Suspension Buildings, and Experience Sequencing.  Conceivably, a building built as a bridge, activating suspension technology within a cross frame and minimizing the need to move the earth below would be considered significant to our brand.  Nextep design does experiential architecture as well, and therefore, has a unique position which maintains a certain artistic integrity toward innovative Space planning of contextual resources and material compositions for design and technology.  No building will be the same as no client is the same, however, any building designed by Nextep will take your goals and the heart of the earth into account for the future of our children to inspire them through Architecture. 

We apply Biogenic Architecture because we hold the belief that if Architecture fails to uplift the human spirit, then it is just a building.